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Setting New Moon Intentions

You can set new intentions any time you like. However, today is a particularly good day for it as we welcome the Piscean New Moon today. If you have completed your clearing of old patterns and issues since the Full Moon just over two weeks ago, then now is the time to manifest your new intentions. Even if you didn’t go through that process, you can still set new intentions today, or any day for that matter. Doing it today will bring even more powerful energy as the new moon is an excellent time for creating shifts and bringing about change.

Start by writing on separate pieces of paper what you would like to achieve over the next lunar cycle. Some say the list can be as long as you like but personally I think it works best to keep it to your top 3 or 6 most important wishes to keep the focus clear. It is very important to write as if this wish has already been achieved and express how it makes you feel that this wish has been granted.

If you are not someone who meditates that’s fine just find a quiet space to sit, light a candle and focus on the items on your list, one at a time. As you read each wish/intention close your eyes for a moment and really let yourself feel your emotion when that goal or wish has been accomplished. Reading out loud can help affirm your intention or you can simply do this in your head. Spend a minute on each, or more if you are able.

You can further enhance the experience if you start off by saying “I ask for the highest guidance possible in manifesting these intentions”. When you are done it is always nice to finish with saying “I send love, light and gratitude to all higher beings who assist me”. If that doesn’t come easily to you, then simply holding your hands in the prayer position, dip your head and say “Namaste”. This is a perfectly acceptable way of saying thank you to those that assist you.

If you have any questions let me know and I would be happy to help.


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