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tailored to your needs

I am presently doing in-person and remote treatments which can either be

a combination of healing modalities, just reiki or just crystal healing depending on your preference.

The healing methods I use are non-diagnostic, non-interventionist and non-manipulative making them entirely safe to use in all situations. Treatments promote relaxation and general well-being and my clients often experience improved sleep, reduced anxiety and an increase in energy levels after their treatments. I offer reiki, crystal healing, sound healing, chakra healing and energy work either individually or as a combined treatment, tailoring treatments to each client’s individual requirements.  


You can read more on the different healing skills by clicking the links on the right.

Water Lily Photo by Jay Castor on Unspla

Full combined treatment: 

80-90mins In-person:

1st session £90, £80 thereafter

80-90mins Remote:

1st session £80, £70 thereafter


Includes: reiki, crystal, chakra & sound healing, guiding messages/oracle card, treatment notes

Just Reiki or Crystal Healing:

60mins In-person:

1st session £80, £70 thereafter

60mins Remote:

1st session £70, £60 thereafter


Includes: EITHER just reiki OR just crystal healing

Payment by bank transfer in advance.
24hr cancellation policy.
(Gift Vouchers also available) 


Email for more detailed information 

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