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Calm Sea


‘I suffer from bouts of extreme anxiety and found B-J’s Reiki treatments wonderfully soothing and comforting. It is a lovely relaxing experience and I leave each session feeling calm and balanced. B-J has a natural gift for healing and her reiki has helped me very much. My anxiety has become less intense and I feel more able to manage it. I highly recommend her.’

Nicola, SW London

‘About a year ago I was in pretty bad shape mentally and physically I had never heard about Reiki. I was very intrigued and decided to try it. The sessions were amazing and a completely new experience. I felt such a huge wave of serenity after each session. Thank you again B-J for helping me to open my mind to a new kind of relaxation and a new therapy!’

Sandra, Whitstable

‘I had never tried Reiki before and B-J was highly, and rightfully, recommended to me and I have now had a few of sessions and find myself looking forward to the next one. I was having terrible problems sleeping, mainly down to severe stress and felt exhausted and at a low ebb. I did not know what to expect of my first session with B-J and she was very welcoming and friendly and I slept better after the first session than I had a for a while. However, during the second session, I think because I knew what to expect and consequently was more relaxed, I suddenly felt an enormous feeling of release and warmth, as if she had unlocked something inside me and let the energy flow through my body and I felt better than I had for a while and that night I had a wonderful, deep and full night’s sleep and felt a different person. I cannot recommend B-J highly enough and just feel lucky that I have found her.’

Caroline, SW London

‘Having been lucky enough to have met B-J at a healing retreat and witness her amazing skills during the course, I was excited to receive an email detailing a distance healing that I had requested. It was over a distance of two continents which in no way detracted from the messages and healing given. B-J was able to pinpoint very relevant issues that were causing blockages in my life and relayed amazingly accurate messages from the Angelics, the advice given through these messages was paramount in helping me change my thoughts and my perception. I felt physically better after having my chakra energy reviewed, cleansed and energised. B-J is very competent with energy work and I highly recommend anyone who is feeling blocked or tired to contact B-J for a treatment.’

Clare, Victoria, Australia

‘I broke the top of my fibula bone in the back of my leg in a skiing accident. My leg was extremely painful and swollen particularly at the back of my knee. I had a session of Reiki very soon after with B-J and the effect was amazing and immediate. The pain lessened and the swelling disappeared. I then followed this up with further sessions in the next few weeks and with each very relaxing treatment the improvement in my leg was immediately obvious. In fact the specialist I saw in London after my reiki sessions was amazed as to how I had no swelling despite my injury. Therefore, I cannot recommend B-J and her reiki sessions enough.’

Suna, W London

‘I was completely overwhelmed by my Reiki sessions with B-J. I wasn’t too sure what to expect having never experienced Reiki before but in the very strong and capable hands of B-J I came away elated, feeling much lighter and braver in myself – I could feel all the badness coming out of my body as she worked her wonder. After my first session, the following ones just got better and better – leaving me feeling ready to conquer anything. Thank you very much to B-J and the helpers!’

Amanda, SW London

‘B-J is a truly gifted and intuitive healer. I am fortunate to have received regular Reiki and healing sessions with her and each treatment has brought increasingly powerful and deeply therapeutic results. B-J has helped relieve both physical and emotional pain and she is a source of comfort and healing which has become very important to me. B-J is a gem and I would recommend her to anyone who is feeling physically, emotionally or spiritually out of balance.’

Francesca, SW London

‘After every session with B-J, I would feel like I had slept for weeks and let go of every stress I had ever had. That relief was just incredible and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking stress or pain relief.’

Lucy, SW London

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