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Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing

re-align your energy systems

The chakras are our internal energy systems which keep our bodies aligned and functioning healthily. Each person has 12 main chakras, seven within the body, three above the head and two below the feet. All chakra points are located within a person’s aura, which is the overall energy field that surrounds each living body and can stretch to several feet beyond the body itself, in all directions.

Chakra healing can also be known as energy therapy. Our chakras can become weighed down, clogged or blocked causing an imbalance within the body which can affect a person’s general health, organs and the immune system. Chakras can become blocked for many reasons, including known or un-known emotional conflict, electromagnetic pollution, stress, illness and trauma can become trapped within the body creating such blockages. 

B-J works through each chakra re-balancing, clearing or re-charging where required and with the client’s consent will release any blockages. She will then work to restore their connection to each other to promote full harmony in the client’s energy system which can be done by using a variety of methods including use of crystals, sound and reiki during the session.

Chakra healing undertaken periodically can reduce likelihood of illness in the same way as servicing your car regularly reduces the risk of breakdown. Preventative treatments allow the release of every day stress, negative patterns, feelings of anxiety, tiredness or physical and mental disharmony to be removed, bringing balance on a physical and emotional level. Clients may feel a deep sense of calm and a relaxed state of mind after a treatment and sometimes an increase in their energy levels after a session.

Combined Treatment: 

80-90mins In-person:

1st session £90, £80 thereafter

80-90mins Remote:

1st session £80, £70 thereafter


Includes: reiki, crystal , chakra & sound healing, guiding messages/oracle card, treatment notes

Just Reiki or Crystal Healing:

60mins In-person:

1st session £80, £70 thereafter

60mins Remote:

1st session £70, £60 thereafter


Includes: EITHER just reiki OR just crystal healing, both include chakra healing 

Payment by bank transfer in advance.
48hr cancellation policy.

(Gift Vouchers also available) 


Email for more detailed information 

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