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Sound Healing

Sound Healing

healing sound through vibrations

Sound has been used in healing by the Aboriginies, Shamans and many other ancient cultures through the ages. All sounds carry a particular vibration which can be used in a variety of ways to encourage our energy system towards a state of balance. Usual tools include musical instruments such as bells, singing bowls, gongs, drums, as well as the voice.

Although we tend to be more familiar with the likes of Ultrasound used in hospitals each different vibration in Sound Healing can be very powerful in the natural healing process.


Allowing sound to pass through inflamed tissue or blocks of muscle tension can often gently release the tension and allow the body’s natural healing to begin. 

Each different sound carries its own frequency and vibration. Aiming the correct vibration through a chakra can be very effective way of breaking down dense or negative energies and blockages. The sound wave causes these blocks to fragment and the energy to disperse so that the process of clearing, re-opening, re-connecting and balancing can begin.

Combined Treatment: 

80-90mins In-person:

1st session £90, £80 thereafter

80-90mins Remote:

1st session £80, £70 thereafter


Includes: reiki, crystal , chakra & sound healing, guiding messages/oracle card, treatment notes

Just Reiki or Crystal Healing:

60mins In-person:

1st session £80, £70 thereafter

60mins Remote:

1st session £70, £60 thereafter


Includes: EITHER just reiki OR just crystal healing

with sound healing if required 

Payment by bank transfer in advance.
48hr cancellation policy.

(Gift Vouchers also available) 


Email for more detailed information 

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