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Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards

spiritual guidance

Spiritual guidance through oracle cards are often used by those seeking spiritual guidance concerning their life direction. There is the option to choose an Oracle Card at the end of each session.

We all have guides and angels that are with us for life. They love us unconditionally and we cannot do anything that will make them leave us. Oracle cards are a quick and easy way to receive simple messages from your guides and angels.


B-J has Angel Cards which clients are welcome to use at the end of a treatment as a form of guidance towards their life path.

It is often the case that messages from the oracle cards back up any messages and guidance received by B-J during the healing session.


Please note that all such guidance is entirely dependent on whether the client would like this type of support and are not automatically included without consent.

Combined Treatment: 

80-90mins In-person:

1st session £90, £80 thereafter

80-90mins Remote:

1st session £80, £70 thereafter


Includes: reiki, crystal , chakra & sound healing, guiding messages/oracle card, treatment notes

Just Reiki or Crystal Healing:

60mins In-person:

1st session £80, £70 thereafter

60mins Remote:

1st session £70, £60 thereafter


Includes: EITHER just reiki OR just crystal healing 

no picking oracle card included

Payment by bank transfer in advance.
48hr cancellation policy.

(Gift Vouchers also available) 


Email for more detailed information 

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