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Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

cleansing, clearing and healing

Crystals have extremely powerful healing properties, regardless of their size or shape.  The term crystals can include crystals, rocks, minerals, stones and fossils. Some are in their natural state whilst others may be polished. All forms are effective in Crystal Healing and each has its own specific purpose. 

Crystals are channels for energy and it is believed that they work through resonance and vibration on a holistic level to realign energies and dissolve disease where possible.


A crystal's appearance depends upon the natural characteristics of its type and the conditions in which it grows. Some take on strange shapes, some are very small, others can grow very large, taking time to develop over thousands of years.  


Most commonly known for their connection to astrology and birthstones, the first evidence of crystals being used goes back as far as 75,000 yrs ago. They have been used by  many different belief systems over the ages in the the Middle Ages, by  Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Native

Americans of Arizona, the Hawaiian islanders, in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, by the Greeks and the Romans. They have been used to bring healing for a variety of issues including; physical, mental, emotional and to deepen spiritual connection and provide protection.

There are many different ways to use crystals. They can be placed on the body or chakras, kept by your bed, popped under your pillow, used in meditation, positioned around the home for Feng Shui and room cleansing, used for making essences, used for aura cleansing and more.


With the client’s consent, B-J uses crystals where called for, placing them on chakras and around the client's body according to their specific needs.

Combined Treatment: 

80-90mins In-person:

1st session £90, £80 thereafter

80-90mins Remote:

1st session £80, £70 thereafter


Includes: reiki, crystal , chakra & sound healing, guiding messages/oracle card, treatment notes

Just Reiki or Crystal Healing:

60mins In-person:

1st session £80, £70 thereafter

60mins Remote:

1st session £70, £60 thereafter


Includes: EITHER just reiki OR just crystal healing

Payment by bank transfer in advance.
48hr cancellation policy.

(Gift Vouchers also available) 


Email for more detailed information 

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