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A snapshot of heaven...

This week I went to a Reiki Share, which is where a group of reiki practitioners gather to share ideas and healing with each other. We started with a group meditation before embarking on group healing. We were asked to think about a particular block or issue in our lives that we wished to remove and to focus on that. This time it was a Super New Moon Reiki Share, which is a time that is excellent time clearing blocks or anything that is not serving us well. For me it was a block on daily meditation. I usually meditate every day as I find that life goes more smoothly if I do. However for the last two months I have struggled. Consequently I have been feeling as if life is running away with me. I never seem to have enough time to get everything done, including meditation. This is what happens when I don't meditate. So, I put this block into my focus and asked for assistance with the problem, having no idea how eye opening the experience was going to be.

Our leader began the meditation by reading out loud to set the scene in which we were to meditate and afterwards we were left sitting with our eyes closed, visualising ourselves lying on the grass at the top of a hill. I felt the grass beneath me as I lay on the top of this hill, with gentle music playing in the background and then I felt my body rising up towards the sky. Up, up and up. Next I noticed my daughter was next to me. I lost my daughter three and a half years ago at the age of 20, after a four year battle with Leukaemia. We were incredibly close during her life here and I am extremely lucky that I can still connect with her, especially during meditations and when undergoing or carrying out healing. The next thing I was aware of was that we were in a field. A field that often appears when I am in deep meditation and I turned to her and said "What is this field? It keeps appearing but I don't recognise it". "It is our field!" she replied, as if I was mad not to recognise it, "We always come here to plan and make decisions on what we want to do next. This is where we decide our missions!". She told me she was going to take me to see Nure. Nure is the lady who brought me up. She was our nanny but she was the one I had my true mother relationship with, as for a variety of reasons my true mother was not able to bond with me in that way. Nure taught me complete unconditional love and finally passed away at the age of 94 and I wondered if I would ever recover at the time. She and my daughter had always been close. The thought of going to see her was incredibly comforting.

As we walked across 'the field' we came across a relation who had recently passed away. A woman with a warm heart and a beautiful soul who had also left us all too soon. She stood in a wildflower meadow and we hugged and talked for a while. She asked me to pass on her love to her family and to tell them she was safe. My daughter and I moved on and as we neared our destination we were pulled aside once again. There I saw an old friend who we had lost quite a few years ago. She was sitting under a blossoming cherry tree, beckoning to me. We hugged and chatted for a while and she asked the same, that I tell her family she was safe and I pass on her love to them.

Next I found we were standing outside a quintessential English cottage adorned with pink climbing roses. We stepped inside, as if stepping into the kitchen of Bilbo Baggins and there she was. Sitting at the kitchen table with a large pot of tea. My heart filled with love for her. She loved her tea, always in a pot, she also loved to have a special china teacup and saucer. And there it was, all just as I remembered. It crossed my mind that she finally had her own cottage, having always wanted a place of her own. When we were children she would solve any crisis by wrapping us in a huge hug and then sitting us down in the kitchen to a large cup of tea and toast. The toast would be cut into tiny little squares to make them easier to eat as a child. There was something about those little squares that we loved and even as we grew into adults she continued to do this. There she sat, tea, pot, special cup and saucer, toast in squares and brownies which were a speciality of my daughter's. I can't fully describe what it felt like to find myself sitting there with her and my daughter, the three of us chatting away. Peace, a pure kind of happiness and serenity are just some of the feelings I felt. Almost as if they had never been away. Certainly no pain from having lost them or not having them around me on a daily basis anymore. I then noticed the dogs under the table, some sitting looking expectantly at Nure, some seemed to be wandering in and out. Every dog that my husband and I have owned in our lifetimes was there. Plus the ones from my childhood, which were of course part of Nure's life too. I teased her that she was still feeding them under the table and she still firmly denied it saying "I don't know what you mean, I never feed them, they just sit here, I don't know why". We always knew why!

I see a wonderful psychic every year on my daughter's birthday and this year he told me that my daughter was soon to evolve to the next level in heaven. He and I both believe there are seven levels in heaven and that we work our way up through learning and evolving. I realised that this might mean that she may not be there to greet me when my time came, as according to his book the spirits on different levels are not always able to connect. This had niggled at me, even though he had assured me that there are houses you can go to where different level souls can mix. As I sat in that cottage with Nure and my daughter, I could hear her saying "you see, when the time comes we can sit here, the three of us, in this cottage any time we like. This is one of the houses where we can meet". She seemed to now that I had been worrying about this and I could feel relief sweeping through me. Before the next thought had properly formed in my head she said, with a big smile on her face "And don't worry, I will be there to meet you, we have ways of arranging these things you know". She also seemed to know that I had been worrying about her not being there to greet me when the time came, but then people who have had near death experiences do say that everything is telepathic in heaven so I shouldn't have been surprised that she had read my mind. Everything certainly appeared very simple sitting at that table, in that cottage.

In what felt like too short a time I was off again, I passed my father walking along the beach and we stopped and talked for a short while. Then we met my father-in-law by the bank of a river. I think he may have been fishing but it wasn't clear. My heart lifted to see him, as it had been a while. In the seven years I knew him he was almost a father to me and sadly died 26 years ago. It was wonderful to see him again. I then found I was heading back to the grassy hill that I had been lying on when my journey began. My daughter seemed to be saying to me "You see, this is how easy it is for us to connect with you, all you have to do is meditate daily".

As our reiki share leader was telling us to be aware of the room once more to bring us out of meditation, I felt myself reflecting on the journey I had just been on. The ease which I had drifted into that reality and how it had actually felt like being with all those people in life as we know it. I can always rely on my daughter to give me a nudge when I am off balance but that snapshot of heaven felt so real and so effortless that I have meditated every day since. It takes the longer meditations to connect in that way but the simple act of meditating, even just for 10 minutes, every day seems to untangle life for me and allows everything to fall back into place. It makes daily life so much more effortless, just like my quick trip to heaven.


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