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About Us

Re-activate your body's natural healing

"At some point in our lives we all hit challenges. These challenges can feel like rocks or even boulders in our path. We may even feel at risk of being crushed by them. Yet through these challenges we learn, grow, gain wisdom and depth; whether our challenges be spiritual, mental, emotional or physical.

My role is to support, guide and teach you how to gain a deeper connection with yourself, to understand your needs better, so that you may live your life more peacefully, more consciously and more happily. I do this through treatments, spiritual counselling, psychic readings, mentoring and teaching."


Founder of Sophiero Healing I strive to be professional and compassionate in my work as a Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Healing Master Teacher, Spiritual Counsellor and Psychic, based in Streatham,  just off Tooting Common in London


Whether looking for treatments or psychic readings; sessions are tailored to suit each individual's requirements and are provided in a gentle, supportive space where client's can relax and feel safe.


This unique form of counselling incorporates traditional talking therapies which work with the mind, body and emotions and also includes working with the heart and soul or spirit, ie:  our ‘whole being’.

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