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I offer Treatments, Spiritual Counselling and Psychic Readings, depending on what a client is going through at the time. See which you are drawn to and that will be the right one for you.

As a Reiki Master Teacher and a Crystal Healing Master Teacher, I offer Reiki and Crystal Healing treatments which also include working on a client's energy and chakras as well as elements of Sound Healing where required. Treatments encourage deep relaxation, which in turn allows our own natural healing system to get to work, clearing blocks in our energy system and restoring balance.

For those looking to work through their own personal issues in a supportive environment, I am a CMA certified Spiritual Counsellor and offer this unique form of counselling. In Spiritual Counselling the foundation of the work is the traditional talking therapies yet we also work holistically - with the mind, body, emotions and also the heart/soul - our whole being, our Spirit. 

Psychic Readings can be helpful if you are looking to gain some clarity where you are in your life at present and an element of guidance for moving forward. Readings can be re-assuring and can even feel like a healing in themselves.



Chakra Healing