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Spiritual guidance through oracle cards and rune readings have been used right back through history and are still widely used today by those seeking spiritual guidance concerning their life direction. Either of these options can be provided as part of a combined treatment.

Oracle cards are a quick and easy way to receive simple messages from your guides and angels. B-J has Angel Cards which clients are welcome to use at the end of a treatment as a form of guidance towards their life path,

Runes are also available. Clients may choose whether to pick three runes, or just a single, to seek guidance with either life in general or a particular issue. Runes have a long history dating back to the ancient Germanic and Nordic tribes

and work in a similar way to the oracle cards.

It is often the case that messages from the oracle cards or the runes often back up any messages received by B-J during the healing session.

Please note that all such guidance is entirely dependent on whether the client would like this type of support and are not automatically included without consent.