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Messages & Guidance

During treatments B-J may receive messages psychically or from her guides, offering emotional support and guidance for her client. These messages will only be passed on should the client wish to hear them.

We all have psychic abilities, whether we choose to use them or not. Many of us are also clairaudient or clairsentient without realising it.  Learning to tune in and to listen to our psychic abilities, our intuition and our inner hearts takes practice.

Meditation is one way of learning to tune in to our intuition. Alternatively, simply sitting quietly for a short time each day is enough to begin the process of listening to our higher self (also known as our inner heart) so that we may gain guidance and support from within.

The more we practice tuning in, the more aware we become, to a point where we may even be able to see messages from departed loved ones. White feathers or doves are a common form of communication, as are robins and butterflies. Some say a dragonfly or a ladybird appears at poignant times and they just know it is that person communicating that they are there. The symbol, whether an animal or an object, usually has some connection with that person that allows you to feel that they are not gone but still nearby.