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Essential Oils

Although hard to prove their true origin, history would suggest that essential oils can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians and have been used across many cultures across the world for centuries. Each oil has its own healing properties and they are often used to aid relaxation, calm the mind, reduce anxiety, re-energise when required, as well as for more medicinal purposes.

It has been suggested that essential oils are one of the greatest untapped resources of the world. These oils are highly concentrated substances extracted from various parts of plants all around the world, whether from flowers, seeds, bark, roots, stems or leaves.

These deeply complex oils have a multitude of healing properties and can be used in an oil burner around the home or in some cases may be used topically. 

Should the client wish to have essential oils burning during the treatment B-J will show them how to be guided as to the right oils for them on that particular day and will help them select their own particular blend to be combined with an oil chosen by B-J.  

These oils will then be used in a diffuser during the healing session to work in combination with the other healing methods.