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Learning How To Ground Yourself

Therapy Directory: November 2018

When stressed we often feel as if we are spinning out of control. Grounding yourself can take as little as one minute to do.


Relief for Arthritis and stiff joints

Blogspot: October 2018

Read more for my findings on ways to reduce pain and increase mobility with arthritis and stiff joints.

Chakras and why they need clearing and balancing...

Therapy Directory: March 2018

Read more about how open, clear and balanced chakras support our physical body in many ways.


Using The Full Moon To Cleanse Your Crystals

Therapy Directory: November 2017

Explore different ways to cleanse your crystals including using the light of a full moon by clicking here.

Keeping Your Eyes Open To Your Surroundings

Absolutely London: October 2017

We learn to master the art of mindfulness by opening our eyes and minds to the beauty of everyday life.

Five Simple Daily Awareness Breaks

Absolutely London: September 2017

Take a read of my article in Absolutely London on how to bring our consciousness back to the present moment.


Becoming Pain Free With Reiki & Crystal Healing

Therapy Directory: August 2017

Reiki and Crystal Healing helped a lady suffering with pain radiating from her hips to her ankles become pain free.

Taking Your First Steps Towards Mindfulness

Absolutely London: August 2017

Bring an increased sense of peace, serenity and fulfilment to your life with our step-by-step guide on how to become more mindful

4 Quick Fix Aids For Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Absolutely London: July 2017

My article in Absolutely London with recommendations for stress relieving!


Support Tools For Anxiety And Panic Attacks

Blogspot: May 2017

Over the years my toolkit for dealing with these issues has expanded considerably.

A snapshot of heaven...

Blogspot: April 2018

This week I went to a Reiki Share, which is where a group of reiki practitioners gather to share ideas and healing with each other.

15 tips to help you sleep better

Blogspot: March 2017

How can we calm the mind and help our body give us a better night’s sleep?



Setting New Moon Intentions

Blogspot: February 2017

Today is a particularly good day to set new intentions as we welcome the Piscean New Moon.

How you can make 2017 your most productive year yet!

Blogspot: January 2017

Call me crazy if you like but I love January…